Star for Life Ukraine.
We help children form and realize their dreams

Project history

Star for Life Ukraine was founded in 2022 as a non-profit sub-organization of the well-known Star for Life maternity project. Star for Life was launched in 2005 by Swedish entrepreneur, business leader and philanthropist Dan Olofsson together with his wife Christin.

Star for Life coaches strengthen students' self-esteem and motivate them to invest in their education.

The goals of the Ukrainian project localization – Star for Life Ukraine – in addition to increasing the self-esteem of Ukrainian schoolchildren, includes the development of IT skills. An important role is given to the psychological aspect of the education to help kids overcome difficulties and reach own life goals. For that, Voices of Children charity fund uniting 50 psychologists partnered with the project. Another partner, IDF School provided their teaching programs.

Our vision

The future in which children receive quality IT education and take care of their own mental health, realizing their ambitious dreams.

Our mission

Promoting IT education among schoolchildren, inspiring young people to acquire new knowledge and skills necessary for productive work and care for their own mental health.