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Educational computer program

Building partnerships for our children 


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Знімок екрана 2022-05-05 о 22.01.29.png

Sigma Software


IT partner. Provides high-tech solutions for the technical implementation of the project 

TOP 100 Global IT Outsourcing

TOP 20 largest IT companies in Ukraine

20 years of experience in the implementation of quality technological solutions


Offices on 4 continents and partnerships in 30+ locations around the world


Zacco_360 IP_RGB.jpg

Zacco IP360


Zacco is a modern, full-service intellectual property consultancy committed to changing the world through the protection of innovative thinking. 


550 specialists across over 30 offices in Europe and Asia.


Expertise in patents, trademarks, online brands, cyber security and software development.


IDF School


IDF - Online school on the basics of programming for schoolchildren from the 5th grade

The author's materials "Java Programming" are officially approved for use in general educational institutions

A tech company leading the digital revolution  

Dedication and expertise within IT, digital transformation, AI, and R&D

2,300 experts in 15 countries

Part of Danir group (Swedish privately held business with 10,000 co-workers in 18 countries)

Sigma Software University

Develops educational content and engages practicing experts to work with children

Educational platform for knowledge exchange and development of the IT community in Ukraine.


19 years of experience in various fields and team of expert practitioners



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