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Android for Kids

Last year we launched the Ukrainian division of Star for Life project - Star for Life Ukraine, which is aimed to teach IT skills and increase the self-esteem of Ukrainian schoolchildren. The first course that Star for Life Ukraine launched was Java for Kids, passed by 200+ students. Considering high interest in this course and positive feedback from students, at the beginning of this year we’ve launched a new course - Android for Kids, which started with a pilot group of fifteen participants.

Android for Kids is aimed to help school children master tcreating Android applications. The idea of the course was born from the desire to motivate children to study IT, since the desire to learn programming increases significantly when students see that they are able to program something themselves and, moreover, download it to their phones.

The course is divided in two stages: buffer and main. During the buffer period, students master the basics of Java -programming to create Android applications. Studying occurs with the use of ordinary computers. During this period, the teacher determines the most capable students. Further studying and independent development strongly depend on equipment accessible to school children. The reason is that for more difficult tasks during the main study period a powerful computer base is necessary. Thanks to our partners, who help us with providing classrooms and individual capable kids with necessary equipment, 15 students have already moved on to the main period of studying.

The educational program for further Java -programming is developed in accordance with requirements of Oracle 1z0-808 certification exam, passing which officially allows working as a Java-developer in the US IT -companies without a university degree.

As far as I know, we are the only school that prepares developers according to programs in accordance with the requirements of Oracle,” - tells Serhii Ishcheriakov , teacher of the course, whose track record t has 150 students, a third of which are still in school, but already have Oracle certificates.

The computer equipment provided thanks to our partners solved the problem of computer equipment and allowed the pilot group to master the process of creating Android applications. So now we have requests from a few more schools, which strive to provide this opportunity to their students as well. Star for Life Ukraine is ready to launch new classes as part of Android for Kids course and to organize the first Android development competition in Ukraine for students of 5th to 7th grades in the summer of 2023. This will be a very powerful step not only for our project, but also for Ukraine, because programming competitions for 5th-7th grades have never been held in our country.

All this will be possible only with the provision of an even greater number of computers of the necessary capacity. Therefore, if either you personally or the company you represent have the desire and opportunity to support the project, and at the same time support the distribution of such an innovative for Ukraine and interesting for children course as Android for Kids, go to the Donate button above and choose the support option, convenient for you.

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