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Details of Star for Life Ukraine visit to Stockholm

In January Denys Wolowyk, CEO of Star for Life Ukraine, and team of the project visited Stockholm in the framework of Star for Life International.

The main reason to visit Stockholm was to learn more of how the mental health program Motivationslyftet, which was developed by Swedish experts, operates locally in the country.

The program is aimed to teach mental skills that help students fully realize their potential. The program is based on a psychological approach, brain researching, and keeping it in a good shape. The reason is its flexibility is lost with age and it is important to maintain it. Therefore, the goal of the program, first of all, is the development of brain flexibility.

Apart from a training session that was organized by the Motivationslyftet, Star for Life Ukraine team attended the school in Stockholm where the program is currently implemented.

At the same time the team also visited our partner Nexer, who provided laptops for computer classes in several schools, and told how students in those schools use the provided equipment.

Besides attending those inspiring activities, Star for Life Ukraine team met with leaders of the corporate social responsibility group of one of the most famous Swedish brands that is willing to support Ukrainian children as well.

Star for Life Ukraine is looking forward to telling the details of our new partnerships soon and also revealing which results these partnerships bring to Ukraine.

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