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Star for Life Ukraine Winter IT-school

During the winter holiday season, Star for Life Ukraine, together with the Center for Educational Innovations, holds a special students’ course named Winter IT School. The curriculum of the course includes webinars and practical lessons to help students master the basics of Java and Android programming.

Due to the informational support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, more than 3,000 schoolchildren from all regions of Ukraine registered for the course.

Lessons will continue until February 25th and will include two educational programs. The first is for students of grades 5-7, and the second - for grades 8+.

"We are sure that the decision to open the Winter School was more than successful. Because everyone who wants can learn the basics of programming in a quite short period of time and make it their hobby or even their profession in the future," says Denys Wolowyk, Executive Director of the Star for Life Ukraine Foundation.

The learning process includes webinars, homework, and meetings. During a week, students watch webinars and do homework on the topics covered. At the end of the week, they meet with the teacher (one of the groups online, the other offline at a school in Ivano-Frankivsk).

At the meeting, the teacher randomly selects one of the completed homework, shows it on the screen, and checks it. It allows all students to review their work and correct mistakes.

"Thanks to clear and simple explanations in the webinars, all students are confident of their knowledge and successfully complete their homework. That is why, at the beginning of the meeting, each student keeps fingers crossed to have their work chosen. The reason is that they view it as a great opportunity to demonstrate how well they have mastered the topic," says Serhii Ishcheryakov, the teacher at the Winter School of Programming.

The Star for Life Ukraine team is observing great interest in such programming courses and plans to implement a similar educational project during the spring vacation. You can support the next IT -school via the Donate button above.

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