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Star for Life IT skills

The Star for Life project, together with partner organizations, is implementing several extracurricular educational programs aimed at helping children master basic digital skills. It also provides the opportunity to take a course in Java programming basics.

The programs are implemented as part of out-of-school education based in partner schools. The project is also open to individual support of children in learning.


After getting basic digital skills, children can obtain further training within Star for Life IT Skills program with the possibility to earn international certification for older children.


Program goal: encouraging young people to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills through the creation of accessible basic IT education for young people with an interactive component


Implementation of the program is becoming even more relevant given the current trends in the global economy. The development of digital technologies leads to an increased demand in IT professionals around the world. The opportunity to acquire IT skills and the basics of programming expand the prospects for young people, and in a few years such knowledge will become a necessity. That is why the Star for Life IT skills program aims to create a quality foundation for the future realization of young people in the field of information technology.


The program is implemented through:

  • attracting qualified specialists from different schools

  • creating a basic educational component for teachers

  • development of an author's course for school-age children from leading specialists of the IT consulting company Sigma Software

  • use of interactive techniques

  • involving representatives of the modern IT community of Ukraine as mentors

  • opportunities for learning in a hybrid format

  • development of logical thinking and a comprehensive approach to solving problems

  • acquaintance with features of internal processes of the IT company

  • providing basic programming knowledge (up to “Junior” level)

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