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Star for Life Labs

A place where every child gets everything for the first steps in the world of digital knowledge and skills.


The Star for Life Computer Labs project aims to provide children, including internally displaced persons, with access to extracurricular education and activities aimed at developing professional competencies and personalities by organizing computer science training on the basis of Laboratories.


The child gets the opportunity to continue distance education using the resources of Laboratories, join extracurricular learning of the basics of programming and gain basic digital skills.


The laboratory works on a mixed system of combining online and offline approaches in the educational process. Children have the opportunity to gain not only theoretical knowledge by attending online classes, but also the support of mentors (experienced teachers) directly on the basis of the Laboratory.


Program goal: providing opportunities for out-of-school education for children and adolescents in the places of residence of internally displaced persons


The project envisages a broad partnership with local schools in the region of presence, local governments, public organizations in the field of education, as well as commercial organizations that take an active part in strengthening the role of extracurricular education in public education in Ukraine.


The program is implemented through:

  • creation of educational centers in safe regions of Ukraine

  • close cooperation with local governments, territorial communities

  • interactive teaching methods

  • establishing connections among young people

  • creation of new interest groups

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